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“It should be game over for the Olympics”, Join "KZ – 2050" national movement in Facebook", “KZ to enjoy 14 days off in March”, “Gang rape ordered by council”, “FBI warns retailers to expect more credit card breaches”, “Justin Bieber released from jail"

1 421 просмотрs “It should be game over for the Olympics” - The 2014 Olympic Winter Games haven’t started, but they’ve already produced their first scandal. The host country’s president, Vladimir Putin, runs a notoriously despotic regime whose victims include not only independent journalists and political opponents but also gay men and lesbians, who have recently been targeted by a law prohibiting “propaganda of nontraditional sexual practices” among minors. "Kazakhstan – 2050" national movement"- ‘Kazakhstan – 2050’ national movement recruits new members to help promoting the President`s Strategy among Kazakhstan`s citizens, Danat Zhumin reported at the briefing in the Central Communications Service. Everyone who wants to join the movement should go to their Facebook page and fill in a special online form. “Kazakhstan to enjoy 14 days off in March” - Almost half of the month, 14 days off and holidays, fall on March 2014 in Kazakhstan, the e-government reports. Last year Kazakhstan has 13 days off in March. The holidays in Kazakhstan are non-working days, if a holiday coincides with an ordinary day off then the next day after the holiday is a non-working day too. Thus, this year the people will have holidays on March 8-10, March 21-25. “Gang rape ordered by council” - Officers said 13 men had been arrested in West Bengal state after the incident. A series of rapes in India over the past year has sparked widespread outrage over chronic sexual violence in India and government failures to protect women. “FBI warns retailers to expect more credit card breaches” - The FBI has warned US.retailers to prepare for more cyber attacks after discovering about 20 hacking cases in the past year that involved the same kind of malicious software used againstTarget Corp in the holiday shopping season. ‘No nuke plans: Rouhani” - Describing himself as an advocate of “prudent moderation” as he pursued a diplomatic offensive to remould his country’s image today, President Hassan Rouhani said he sought “constructive engagement” with Iran’s neighbours and pledged that his country had no intention of acquiring nuclear weapons. “Justin Bieber released from jail after Miami Beach arrest“ - Justin Bieber left a Miami-Dade jail on Thursday, Jan. 23, according to a report by the Miami Herald. The fallen pop star was arrested for DUI, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license. “Belarus And Russia: Stagnating Together?” - Earlier this year, Belarusian media published an interview with Belarusian oligarch Iuryi Chyzh. The businessman predicts problems with the Russian economy, supports the diversification of Belarusian enterprises and states that Russia is grabbing the biggest piece of the pie in the Customs Union.

January 24 2014, 11:15

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