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“Kazakhstan Way – 2050: Common Goal, Common Interest and Common Future”, “Gene therapy restores eyesight”, “Olivier Goulet’s “human skin” designs get popular”,“Snowden Says He Acted Alone”

1 415 просмотрs Gene therapy restores eyesight- Restoring sight to people suffering from a rare kind of eye disease – researchers at the University of Oxford have just published the results of a trial, which suggests that tinkering with people’s genes can stop the condition – choroideremia – from causing blindness.

The aim of the new therapy is to replace a defective gene with a healthy one. The defective gene causes the pigment cells in the retina to stop working and eventually die. As the disease progresses, the retina begins to shrink, leading to blindness. “Kazakhstan Way – 2050: Common Goal, Common Interest and Common Future”- Dear fellow citizens! Distinguished Members of Parliament! A year ago I announced the new political course for Kazakhstan until 2050.The main goal is to join the group of 30 most developed countries. This project is called “Eternal Kazakhstan”. It is a mature vision of a new era in the history of our country. “Olivier Goulet’s “human skin” SkinBag designs get popular” - SkinBag is a material created by Olivier Goulet, a french transmedia artist whose vision is in the crossroads of activism and human design. The SkinBag family is made up of synthetic skin, bags, accessories and overgarments with distinctive folded texture, flexible material, and seamless organic appearance. You can view the SkinBags as bodily extensions ; external organs which serve as holdalls for items we have around us. “Snowden Says He Acted Alone” - Fugitive U.S. intelligence leaker Edward Snowden has rejected suggestions he was a Russian spy, saying he "clearly and unambiguously acted alone" in exposing U.S. surveillance programs.

ria Russian IKEA Store Fined for Selling Dangerous Plants - An IKEA store in the Volga city Samara has been fined for the sale of plants that had not undergone proper quarantine controls, a local official told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

January 22 2014, 09:59

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