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In Atyrau Hyundai SUV run into the private house

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Zeena Urynbassarova

In Atyrau Hyundai SUV run into the private house, reports.

The incident happened about 1am at night when the family of four people residing in the house, made of sun-dried bricks, went to sleep. They were woken up by the loud bang: the Hyundai SUV broke the house wall and drove into one of house rooms.

The SUV driver disappeared from the road accident scene. According to the master of the house, the driver was very drunk. The police placed a search.

As the result of this night incident all Kadyrov family members received different injuries and they all are hospitalized.

“This is nightmare … Firstl he run into the house, and then he fled. My brother is in neurosurgery ward with head concussion. His both children got injured. One of his children had fractures on his legs and doctors put them in plaster. His pregnant wife can't get out of bed”, - said Goulmira Kadyrova, the relative of the victims.

January 21 2014, 11:54

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