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Tracing British Child Molestor

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By Zulfiya Bainekeeva

The police of Atyrau has no claims against the citizen of Great Britain who was suspected by the Uralsk police officers in corruption of minors.

West Kazakhstan Oblast Internal Affairs Department in their press release of January 17 informed about initiation of criminal case against the British citizen Barokh Peter as per Article 273-1 of RoK Criminal Code (“Production and circulation of materials with pornographic images of minors, or their attraction and involvement for participation in entertainment events of pornographic nature”). The British citizen, reads the press release, was the employee of ZhaikMunay company (exploration and development of oil and gas fields, oil production). The company was recently re-registered as NostrumOil&Gas, with head office in the Netherlands). Electronic media that belonged to 38-y.o. Englishman contained videos and photographic materials with participation of underage girls from secondary schools. Since he arrived to Uralsk on January 4 from Atyrau, we immediately suspected that some of his victims might be from our city. So far we haven’t found out what company he worked for in Atyrau. The press service of Internal Affairs Deprtment of Atyrau Oblast informed that they had no evidences against the British citizen since “no complaints were lodged against him, including the victims”.

Meanwhile today, on January 20 Chagala Group managing director of a chain of “Shagala” hotels, in whose premises the British citizen resided, distributed the official statement: 

“On January 14 of 2014 on the territory of Chagala Group hotel in Uralsk the law enforcement agencies conducted investigative actions. The Police department of Abay district of the Uralsk city was involved in the investigation. The reason for investigative actions was the initation of legal proceedings against the guest of the hotel. After receiving the information about the initiation of legal proceedings, Chagala Group undertook necessary actions for banishment of the hotel guest. This citizen is no longer the guests of Chagala Group hotel. We don't have any other information about his whereabouts”.

Chagala Group representative said that contrary to the information that was distributed in the Internet, the British citizen wasn't detained by the police. He remained in the hotel till Sunday. Then he checked out from the hotel and left as a free person.

The head of press service of Uralsk Internal Affairs Department Oksana Katkova said that she doesn't know where the British citizen is and whether any pre-trial restrictions were undertaken against him.  

The Chagala Group company also reported that it fired two security guards of “Okhrana KMS” LLP who violated the instructions. The Englishman lived in “apartment” type rooms (the apartment with full service) that had a separate entrance. The security guards as per the terms of their contract were obligated to register all visitors of the guests of the hotel at the reception. However they failed to perform their direct duties, allowing the British to bring into his room 12-13-y.o. teenagers bypassing the reception. Chagala Group emphasizes that this security services providing LLP is not part of its structural division and is outsourcing company.



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