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After mass riots Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovych agrees to hold talk with opposition

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Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has agreed to hold talks with the opposition leaders after protests turned violent in Kiev, reports. 

Several people were injured when some protesters clashes with police during a protest at a rally in Kiev's Independence Square, as per international news reports. 

Yanukovych reportedly said that a committee comprising government and presidential administration members will be set up and hold discussion with the opposition members on Monday. 

The decision to form the committee came after thousands of protesters held a rally in defiance of the news legislation which was passed by the Parliament and with an aim to suppress anti-government protests.

According to the legislation, blockade of public buildings will be a punishable offence. It also states that action will be taken against protesters wearing helmet or masks, as per news report. 

The Ukrainian government has been facing protest after Yanukovych decided to scrap the agreements with the EU.

January 20 2014, 11:15

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