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“Shell Poor Profit Warning”, “Polish Company to Set up Turkey Farm In KZ”, “Syrian opposition meets to decide on peace talks”, “Google Creates Glucose-Monitoring Contact Lens for Diabetes Sufferers”, “Blast wounds 36 anti-government protesters in Bangkok"

1 410 просмотрs “Syrian opposition meets to decide on peace talks” - The divided Syrian opposition will meet on Friday in Istanbul to decide whether to join next week's landmark peace talks, as its Arab and Western allies ratchet up the pressure for it to attend. “Google Creates Glucose-Monitoring Contact Lens for Diabetes Sufferers” - Google has developed a smart contact lens which uses chips and sensors the size of glitter to monitor the glucose levels of diabetes sufferers. “Blast wounds 36 anti-government protesters in Thai capital” - An explosive device tossed at anti-government protesters wounded 36 in central Bangkok on Friday and other violence rippled through the Thai capital after several days of relative calm when the movement appeared to be running out of steam. “Shell Poor Profit Warning” - The oil giant, Royal Dutch Shell has issued a profit warning after a poor fourth quarter of 2013. In a statement,the Anglo-Dutch company said "Fourth-quarter 2013 figures... are expected to be significantly lower than recent levels of profitability". “Swiss lab to take part in Georgia’s ex-premier death investigation” - Georgia’s Prosecutor General’s Office plans to conduct an exhumation of former Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania’s body, the country’s current Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili told a news conference on Thursday. “A Swiss laboratory will participate in the exhumation in case there are any questions or doubts regarding the process and study the remains of the ex-prime minister”, he told the media.

“Computer virus that stole data of 70 million American customers partly written in Russian” - The malicious software that was used to steal personal data of 70 million customers of US-based retail chain Target was written “partly in Russian”, the online version of The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday. The publication refers to a report made by federal and private investigators and sent to major retailers. “Polish Company to Set up Turkey Farm In Kazakhstan” - One of Poland’s leading meat industry players is planning to set up a turkey farm and poultry processing plant in the southern part of Kazakhstan.



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