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Number one again: Astana Arlans beat Poland Hussars

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Meribolat Toitov of Astana Arlans (L) fighting Marek Pietruczuk. ©World Series BoxingMeribolat Toitov of Astana Arlans (L) fighting Marek Pietruczuk. ©World Series BoxingThe Astana Arlans got back on track and won over Poland Hussars 4:1 in their first fight of the year in Poland, tengrinews reports citing

In the light flyweight category (-49 kg) young Arlan Mardan Berikbayev fought against Dawid Jagodzinski of the Hussars. For Jagodszinski it was his second match. Unfortunately for Poland, the Wolves did not budge and in the first bout of the night the 23 y.o Arlan won over Jagodzinski 49:46,48:47,48:47. Berikbayev, who previously won over Mexican Zaleta Reyes, now has 2WP in his record. The score started with 1-0 in the guests' favor. 

The Kazakhstan team's coach Korchinskiy chose Meribolat Toitov (4WP) to fight in the bantamweight category against Marek Pietruczuk (0-2) of the Hussars. The southpaw veteran of the Wolves took over the ring and dominated in the first round. The orthodox Pole boxer was given an 8 count in the first round after receiving several deadly hooks from the Arlan. Toitov efficiently used the ring in the following rounds. The young Pole fought through to the last round despite the powerful punches of the Arlan Wolf. The experience of Toitov brought the second win for the Arlans against the Hussars. Pietruczuk lost to Toitov 44:50, 44:50; 44:50.

In the light welterweight category Askhat Valikhanov of the Alpha Wolves faced Damian Kiwior from the Poland Hussars. For both boxers it is their first season in the WSB. Valikhanov, 23 has proven his worth in the game 1 bout against Baku Fires bad boy Osman Aliev (1TKO). Kiwior, 20 lost in his first bout to another Baku Fires boxer Gaybatulla Gadzhialiyev (3WP). The young Arlan started with heavy jabs and body shots. The Hussar did not lose his cool and steadily attacked the Kazakh boxer. Kiwior displayed great physical endurance as he boxed tenaciously in the following two rounds wearing Valikhanov down. The Poles needed the win to tilt the scales as they had a disastrous season in the WSB. Kiwior had many chances to bring the first victory to his Hussars, but Valikhanov won with the score of 48:47, 48-47, 48-47. This brought the score to 3-0 and the Astana Arlans continued to lead the night. 

The captain of the Poland Hussars team Tomasz Jablonski (3WP) brought hope to his exhausted team in the middleweight category (-75 kg) fighting against Yerik Alzhanov. Jablonski is not a newbie to the WSB as he successfully fought in the previous seasons for the Hussars and Venky's Mumbai Fighters. For Alzhanov the fight against Jabloski was his debut in the WSB. The captain of the Hussars had some impressive classic one-two combinations. Alzhanov’s attacks accurately landed on Jablonsky and cut both of his eyebrows in the second round. Despite bloodied vision and the preceding losses of his team, the tough Pole got the win against Alzhanov 48-47, 48-47, 48-47. The captain claimed the first win for his team this season.

The final bout of the night brought the renowned heavyweight (-91 kg) Vasiliy Levit (2WP/1TKO) of the Astana Arlans and Lukasz Zygmunt (0-1) of the Poland Hussars into the ring. Levit, Astana Arlans shining light, started to dominate the ring right away and landed heavy body punches on Zygmunt. In the fourth round Levit knockdowned the Pole. Zygmunt, 31, showcased a great stamina fighting till the last round and did not let Levit add another TKO to his record. Vasiliy Levit closed the night with an impressive 50:40, 50:40, 50:44 and the overall win of the Astana Arlans 4-1 against the Poland Hussars. 

After the win in Poland, the Alpha Wolves replaced the Cuba Domadores in first place of the B group. On January 18, the Kazakh team is fighting against the bad boys from the Baku Fires in Azerbaijan. 

Ilyas Suleimenov will debut in the flyweight category (-52 kg) against Baku Fires orthodox boxer Elvin Mamishzada (2WP). The reliable captain of the Wolves Samat Bashenov will take on Albert Selimov in the lightweight category (-60 kg). Welterweight (-69 kg) Meirim Nursultanov (1WP) will have his second fight of the WSB season against Yauheni Ramashkevich (1-0). The light heavyweight (-81 kg) fight promises to be impressive with Iranian Arlan Ekhsan Rousbakhani (3WP/1TKO) matched up against Ramazan Magamedau (14WP/1TKO). The Best Asian Boxer of the WSB in 2012 Ruslan Myrsatayev (7WP / 4TKO / 1KO) will face Haji Murtazaliev (2WP/3TKO). 

The Kazakhstan team's coach Korchinsky who never underestimates the opponents is bringing his powerhouse boxers to Baku. It will be a great experience especially for young Suleimenov and Nursultanov.

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