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Senegalese quarter-back Abdoulaye Diallo signed 3-year contract with Atyrau football club

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Abdoulaye DialloAbdoulaye DialloAbdoulaye Diallo, the quarter-back of Casa sports (Senegalese elite) signed a three-year contract with Atyrau football club (elite Kazakh) and says that this is  “a new challenge” in his career, reports citing

“I wanted a new challenge in my footballer's career, because I had nothing more to prove at the local level. I will try to advance with my new club Atyrau”, he said in an interview on Wednesday to the Senegalese daily sports newspaper “Waa sports”. The sum of the contract was not revealed.

20-year-old Abdoulaye Diallo will be the second player of Casa sports to move to Kazakhstan. The forward of Casa sports Malick Mané aka Robot played one season in Kazakhstan.

“Kazakhstan has a lot of sports facilities and according to the information that I have, all the championships in this country are closely watched by Russia”, says Abdoulaye Diallo.

Even if the championships in Kazakhstan are not broadcasted in Senegal, Diallo says that he wants to make a name before moving to other countries, such as Russia.

Abdoulaye Diallo started to play for Casa sports in 2009 and contributed to the victory of his club at the Senegal championship in 2012. He also won the silverware of the League  in 2010-2013 and silverware of Senegal in 2011.

January 10 2014, 17:57

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