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NCOC discusses safe oil production at Kashagan

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NCOCKashagan oil and gas field in the Caspian Sea, KazakhstanNorth Caspian Operating Company (NCOC), the operator of the Kazakhstani field Kashagan, has begun a preliminary discussion of possible scenarios of a safe oil production restart, NCOC’s press service has said. 

NCOC said that works were under way to check any possible leak or defect through soil tests and, if needed, removing pipeline sections. Results of the checks are expected in early 2014. 

Kashagan is one of the world’s largest oil fields. Oil production there started on September 11 and commercial production was scheduled to begin by October 1. However, on September 24 a gas leak was detected and the works were stopped. After well repairs, oil production was restarted, but on October 9 a new leak was found.

January 10 2014, 10:29

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