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“King & Spalding Wins $506 Million Arbitration Award Against Kazakhstan“Russian Fishery Agency intends to sue Senegal govt for armed detention of ship”, “Schumacher not skiing excessively fast – investigators say”, “Fatal blast at Mitsubishi Factory"

1 977 просмотрs “Russian Fishery Agency intends to sue Senegal govt for armed detention of ship” - The Russian Federal Fishery Agency (Rosrybolovstvo) is preparing suits against the Senegalese government in connection with the armed detention of the Oleg Naidenov trawler, a Rosrybolovstvo official told Itar-Tass. Russian representatives have hired a professional local lawyer. Suits will be filed in the next few days, the official said.

“Russian to be offered in Syrian secondary schools as second foreign language” - Syria’s ministry of education posted on its official website on Monday the government’s resolution to introduce classes in the Russian language into the secondary school curriculum as the second foreign language. Fifth grade schoolchildren will be offered to choose either Russian or French. Schumacher not skiing excessively fast – investigators say - French investigators have said Michael Schumacher was not skiing excessively fast when he fell and hit his head on a rock in the French Alpes, but have confirmed he did drift off piste. “Japan: Fatal blast at Mitsubishi Materials factory”- At least five people have been killed and 12 injured in an explosion at a chemical factory in central Japan.The blast occurred in the afternoon at the plant run by Mitsubishi Materials in Yokkaichi city, Mie prefecture. “Rakhat Aliyev to lose his Vienna-based media center”- Rakhat Aliyev, ex Kazakhstan’s Ambassador to Austria, is set to lose his media center based in Vienna, Austria’s Kurier reports. “King & Spalding Wins $506 Million Arbitration Award Against Kazakhstan"- Largest Award Ever Under the Energy Charter Treaty” - King & Spalding secured an arbitration award of $506 million, plus interest, against the Republic of Kazakhstan on behalf of Moldovan investors Anatolie and Gabriel Stati and their companies, Ascom SA and Terra Raf Trans Traiding Ltd. The award is the largest award under the Energy Charter Treaty and the third-largest treaty arbitration award in history.

January 9 2014, 16:27

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