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Aktobe resident makes medieval field cannons

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Rustam Bissengaliyev from Aktobe made a medieval cannonRustam Bissengaliyev from Aktobe made a medieval cannonAktobe resident Rustam Bissengaliyev made a medieval field cannon. Such cannons were used by the British and Russian empires. Two years ago Rustam had this idea of re-constructing a medieval cannon and started to collect information. When he completed the work on the design drawings, he bought necessary materials to make the weapon. The length of the cannon is 3 meters and it weighs 300 kilograms, reports

He constructed the cannon using old methods and did everything by hand. Rustam says that he wanted to convey the spirit and style of old times. But unlike the real one, this cannon weighs less, because the barrel was not made of cast iron. Such cast iron barrels alone could weigh 200 kilograms. However, it is impossible to achieve a complete replica.

- I spent a lot of time to make this cannon and if any museum is interested in owning it, I am open to any suggestions, -says Rustam.

Nowadays the copies of medieval weapons are used in the historical reconstruction of the annual Battle of Borodino near Moscow, which is organized by the members of military-historical clubs and the event is attended by thousands of people from all over the world.

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