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“Kazakhstan Olympic uniform costs $2,300”,“Dictators and their Uses”, “Rockets fired from Lebanon into northern Israel”, “El Salvador volcano erupts, prompting evacuations”, “U.N. makes first ever cut in staff”, “British Couple Marry As Shrek and Princess

1 030 просмотрs “Dictators and their Uses” - - The absence of democracy in Central Asia. If democracy and the Central Asian states have proved to be mutually exclusive, there are two reasons: history and geography. Lee Kuan Yew in his The Singapore Story, recalling his country’s expulsion from Malaysia, writes, “Some countries are born independent. Some achieve independence. Singapore had independence thrust upon it.” In 1991, the Central Asian states of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan — constituent units of the disintegrating Soviet Union — found themselves in a similar situation, suddenly and reluctantly independent. “Rockets fired from Lebanon into northern Israel” -Rockets fired from Lebanon into northern Two rockets fired from Lebanon struck northern Israel on Sunday, causing no injuries or damage, and Israel's military responded with artillery fire across the border, officials said. “El Salvador volcano erupts, prompting evacuations”- The Chaparrastique volcano in eastern El Salvador belched a column of hot ash high into the air on Sunday, frightening nearby residents and prompting authorities to order evacuations in the area. “U.N. makes first ever cut in staff” - The United Nations is cutting staff for the first time in its history. The U.N. General Assembly approved a staff cut for the first time since the international body was created in 1945. The decision means a reduction of 219 positions, which represents two per cent of all U.N. posts. Chinese workers suffer in Italian sweatshops -  The lives of the 50,000 Chinese who live and work in the city of Prato, making clothes bearing the prized "Made in Italy" label, are marked by gross health and safety violations, smuggling, illegal immigration and fatalities. “Kazakhstan Olympic uniform costs $2,300”- Kazakhstan uniform for the Sochi Olympics has been unveiled. The full set of 25 items costs $2,300, tengrinews reports. 

'I'm not anti-Semite,' French footballer Anelka says amid row - French footballer Nicolas Anelka on Sunday strongly defended a controversial gesture he made during a weekend match, saying "I am neither anti-Semite nor racist", even as British football authorities mulled possible punishment. “British Couple Marry As Shrek and Princess Fiona in the Ultimate Fairytale Wedding” - When it comes to weddings, green is the new white. On Saturday, Nathan Gibbs and Amanda Billingham tied the knot in costume as everyone’s favorite ogres: Shrek and Princess Fiona.




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