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KazMunaiGas is getting foreign Vice-Chairman

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A foreigner is going to be appointed as First Deputy Chairman of the Board of KazMunayGas, Kazakhstan national oil and gas company, reports citing the company's press-service.

The new Vice-Chairman will be in charge of exploration and production. Managing directors for upstream operations, the chief geologist of KazMunaiGas and the director of R&D Institute of Drilling and Production Technologies will be reporting to the new top manager. 

Besides, the foreigner will also be the head of this R&D Institute and the KazMunaiGas managing director for information technologies. 

KazMunayGas is Kazakhstan national operator of exploration, production, refining and transportation of hydrocarbons that represents Kazakhstan’s interests in the oil and gas industry. Samruk-Kazyna Sovereign Wealth Fund is the main shareholder of the company.

December 30 2013, 09:58

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