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«KazMunayGas» to appoint foreign top managers

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"KazMunayGas'' NationalCompany" JSC (KMG) has finalized the central office reorganization, the press service of the company reports, reports.

As a result, KMG has introduced divisional system for each business line aimed at performance optimization. Thus, the first chairmen of the key subsidiaries have become the members of the Board of KMG, managing directors positions have been introduced and significant optimization of the number of production units in the national company has taken place.

KMG senior executives include Sauat Mynbayev - CEO, Daniyar Berlibayev - Deputy Chairman of the Corporate center, Kayrgeldy Kabyldin - Deputy on oil transportation - Director General of "KazTransOil" JSC, Serik Sultangali - Deputy on gas transportation and marketing - General Director of "KazTransGas" JSC, Daniyar Tiyesov - Deputy on refining and marketing of oil - General Director of "KazMunayGas - Processing and Marketing" JSC and Nurtas Shmanov - Deputy on service projects.

As part of the restructuring on the basis of "Kazakh Institute of Oil and Gas" there will be established the Research Institute of drilling and production technology with the right ofcompulsory examination and approval of the production technologies used in the subsidiaries.

"The position of the first deputy chairman of the KMG, the managing director for information technology as well as director of the Institute of drilling and production technologies will be assigned to highly skilled foreign specialists", the press service's message reads.

KMG structure includes 239 subsidiaries and affiliates.

December 27 2013, 18:30

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