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“Yityish Aynaw”: The first black Miss Israel", “7 Of The Most Frighteningly Bizarre Ocean Creatures”, “The World’s Most Amazing Works Of Body Art”, “How tight jeans almost ruined America’s money”

1 308 просмотрs “7 Of The Most Frighteningly Bizarre Ocean Creatures”- Given the extreme depths to which scientists must go to find these frightful–and tiny–fish, little is known about the hatchetfish. Making top models around the world jealous, the morose-looking creatures derive their name from how razor-thin they are. “Yityish Aynaw”: The first black Miss Israel" -t just 21 years old, Yityish Aynaw has gone on a remarkable life journey from a little girl playing barefoot in an Ethiopian village to an Israeli beauty queen who's ready to shine on the world stage.

“Beaten Ukrainian journalist says she was targeted” - Tetiana Chornovol, a prominent Ukrainian civic activist and journalist beaten on Christmas, said she has a long list of enemies, and that she was sure she would die during the attack.

"Russian Antarctic ship trapped in sea ice should be rescued by Friday" -The Chinese icebreaker Xue Long ("Snow Dragon") is about 15 miles (24 kilometers) from the expedition vessel struck in ice in Antarctica, the icebreaker's captain told CNN. He said he expects to reach the stranded vessel late Friday local time.

“9 things I wish I hadn't learned in 2013” -  "Year in review" time is upon us! You can't go on the Internet without being inundated with the top "fill in the blank" stories of the year -- from pop culture to politics to even the "Top 10 Twitter fights." “The World’s Most Amazing Works Of Body Art”- Guido Daniele of Milan, Italy created the body paint style for which he has become world famousin 1990. His paintings are incredibly lifelike and often awe inspiring. Guido works in many styles of body painting, but it is when he unites homo sapiens with their fellow animals that he rightly draws such acclaim. “How tight jeans almost ruined America’s money” - Fashion comes at a price. But who knew that it would claim our entire system of money? Since American money was consolidated into a single system of currency in the late 1800s, U.S. dollars have been printed on a unique cotton blend paper. That paper has been supplied by a single company, Crane, for more than a century. And Crane relied on scraps of denim sold in bulk by the garment industry for its cotton.

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