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Deputy Governors Go to Trial First

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By Zulfia Bainekeeva

Today, December 19, the specialized inter-district court for criminal cases of Atyrau Oblast received the criminal case files of the group of persons, involved in organized criminal group of the former governor of Atyrau Oblast Bergey Ryskaliev.

The press service of Atyrau regional court informed that the files of the criminal case concerning the former deputy governors Bolat Daukenov and Askar Abdirov, as well as former city mayor Askar Kerimov (altogether there are 22 persons involved) have been accepted for examination on December 19.

Preliminary hearing is scheduled for December 24. Based on the results of preliminary hearing the issue of assignment of case for judicial examination will be resolved.

According to RoK Criminal Code, based on the results of the hearing, the case can be returned for additional investigation, or be subject to cesset processus, remand case, dismissal of a case, combining of criminal cases, as well as for consideration of petitions of the parties, etc.

December 19 2013, 17:47

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