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“Sixteen dead in clash in China's Xinjiang”, “Why do Americans put the date the wrong way around?”, “Racing: Kazakhstan racing team ready for prestigious races in Africa”, “President Rouhani Calls for Broader Ties with Kazakhstan”

1 074 просмотрs “Sixteen dead in clash in China's Xinjiang” - Sixteen people have been killed in violence in China's western region of Xinjiang, a state news portal says. The incident took place late on Sunday in a village near the city of Kashgar. “Why do Americans put the date the wrong way around?” - It's a question that's been bothering us since last Wednesday when the world witnessed 11/12/13, one of the few dates of our time with consecutive numbers. The Yanks, of course, butchered it. To them, it was 12/11/13. “Racing: Kazakhstan racing team ready for prestigious races in Africa” - Kazakhstan’s Mobilex Racing Team is ready for the prestigious marathon rally Africa Eco Race, reports. “If you think people shouldn't have kids if they can't afford them, think again” -Many people now agree with hardline Tories that the state shouldn't support children at all. Here's why they're wrong. “Kazakhstan's Alliance Bank needs recapitalisation; won't make Dec payment on notes-CEO” - azakh-owned Alliance Bank needs recapitalisation to restore profitability, a process that must involve all its shareholders and bondholders, its CEO said on Friday, as the bank's dollar debt sank to record lows. “Kazakhstan to establish diplomatic mission in Ethiopia” - Kazakh Foreign Minister Yerlan Idrisov announced Thursday during his visit to Ethiopia that a Kazakh Embassy will be established in Addis Ababa, according to a press release of Kazakh Foreign Ministry. “President Rouhani Calls for Broader Ties with Kazakhstan” - In his message to Nazarbayev on the occasion of Kazakhstan National Day, President Rouhani congratulated the Kazakh president, government, and nation and expressed hope that freindly ties beyween the two countries would expand in all areas in line with interests of both nations.




December 18 2013, 09:37

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