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“200,000 people apply to live on Mars”, “Uruguay legalises production and sale of cannabis”, “The women who sold their daugters into sex slavery”, “Presidential Handshakes Can Change History or Change Nothing at All”

984 просмотрs "Kazakhstan’s ‘Harmony Lessons” movie wins Special Jury Prize in Tokyo” - Young Kazak director Emir Baigazin won the Special Jury Prize for his début film Harmony Lessons at the Tokyo FILMeX 2013. 

“Taking pictures to remember may help you forget” - Taking a picture to help you remember something might end up having the opposite effect, according to research published in the United States, AFP reports. A study released this week showed that people who took photographs of items during a museum tour were less likely to remember details than those who merely looked at the objects. “200,000 people apply to live on Mars” -  If you have ambitions of being one of the first people on Mars, listen up: A Dutch company says it is moving along with its plan to send four lucky Earthlings to colonize the Red Planet. The catch: They won't ever come back. “Presidential Handshakes Can Change History or Change Nothing at All” - President Obama caused a stir at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela by pausing to shake hands with Cuban President Raul Castro. The United States has not had diplomatic relations with Cuba for over 50 years since the Communist revolution, led by the current president's brother, Fidel Castro. “The women who sold their daugters into sex slavery” -  A neighborhood in Cambodia is a global hotspot for the child sex trade. The people selling the children? Too often, their parents. CNN Freedom Project and Mira Sorvino, award-winning actress and human rights activist, investigate. “Uruguay legalises production and sale of cannabis” - Government experiment reaches new heights as it attempts to regulate marijuana business and find alternative to war on drugs. “Why Ukraine’s protesters aren’t going to get their way” - Over the course of the day Monday, riot police cleared protesters from a number of Ukrainian government buildings including those housing the presidency, cabinet offices and parliament. The lack of violence now, compared to the brutal attacks two weeks ago, should not overshadow the fact that Ukraine remains firmly locked in a worsening political-economic crisis from which an exit is increasingly unlikely. To simplify things a bit: All of the politically realistic plans won’t do anything to solve the crisis and all of the plans that would solve the crisis are politically unrealistic. Tsarist Love Letters, Personal Items Fetch $4.25M - A collection of personal items including letters of the Russian imperial family have been sold for $4.25 million, a Geneva auction house announced on Tuesday. “Ethnic diversity in Kazakhstan: flaw or advantage?” - Outside of Central Asia there is very little knowledge of Kazakhstan. Once you begin to explain, some will recognize it as the large darkish red tones that illustrated most geography classrooms around the word. It is somewhere up there, between Russia and Mongolia and China. Business people, however, probably will recognize that it is one of the world's major source of hydrocarbon, uranium and grain.

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