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“Chevron Corporation (CVX): Why Russia Is Exploring Alternate Trade Routes With China”,“In Kazakhstan, inequality and polygamy may go hand-in-hand”,“What's behind the puzzling downfall of the 'single most-hated person' in Uzbekistan?”

1 290 просмотрs “Chevron Corporation (CVX): Why Russia Is Exploring Alternate Trade Routes With China” - According to the Eurasia Review, “Russia was the third-largest producer of liquid fuels in 2012, following the United States and Saudi Arabia. During that year, liquid fuels production averaged 10.4 million bbl/d.” Russia has a surplus they can export, and luckily enough one of their biggest consumers is neighboring China. “Official sent to KZ on BankCenterCredit debacle” - A senior financial regulator was sent to Kazakhstan, Saturday, to look into why KB Kookmin Bank’s stake in a bank there has so dramatically lost value. “Taking charge of China’s future” - China’s attempts to ensure energy security through the development of transnational oil and gas pipelines. In 1992 China became a net importer of oil. In the last 20 years a ‘going out’ energy strategy has been implemented, through which China has invested in oilfields and has built or has made deals to build transnational oil and gas pipelines to improve its energy security. China is currently suffering in all three phases of the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of the oil industry. “International ideals and spirit of independence drive growth in Kazakhstan” - Recently I paid a visit to Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, for an international conference. It was a media forum organized by the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan that aimed at boosting media exchanges between Kazakhstan and other countries as well as promoting the country's model of interethnic tolerance. “In Kazakhstan, inequality and polygamy may go hand-in-hand” - A poll has found that 41% of Kazakhs, or nearly 8 million people in the country, favored legalizing polygamy, Bloomberg reported yesterday. That’s considerably higher than in 2004, when an unofficial survey by local newspaper Express K found that 40% of men were in favor of legalizing polygamy, while over 70% of women opposed it. “Lukoil to launch West Qurna-2 field by April” - Lukoil, Russia’s second largest oil producer, will launch its West Qurna-2 field in Iraq by the end of March or April next year, helping the company to more than double oil output abroad as it struggles with falling production at home. Iraq, Opec’s second-biggest oil producer, expects a robust return to growth next year as foreign companies at work in its giant southern oil fields push output towards the highest level ever. “What's behind the puzzling downfall of the 'single most-hated person' in Uzbekistan?” - Gulnara Karimova, the Uzbekistan president's glamorous daughter — and heir apparent — has been described as the "single most-hated person" in the country. 

December 10 2013, 15:20

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