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“Japanese cuisine gets UNESCO heritage status”, “Research and Markets: Construction Sector in Kazakhstan 2013 Report”, “Imprisoned Kazakh human rights lawyer Vadim Kuramshin to receive prestigious prize”, “Russia Hopes Its YotaPhone Worries Apple”

860 просмотрs “Research and Markets: Construction Sector in Kazakhstan 2013 Research Report” - Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Construction Sector in Kazakhstan 2013" report to their offering. Discover long-term project potential in Kazakhstan's construction sector with this new report predicting growth and development in key segments to 2016. “Japanese cuisine gets UNESCO heritage status” - Japan will become only the second nation after France to have its national cuisine designated heritage status.

“Millions to work longer for a pension as life expectancy rises” - Overhaul of state retirement system to be announced in Autumn Statement means that people now under 50 will have to work longer than they had previously thought.

“Toronto mayor Rob Ford 'tried to buy crack video”- New court documents suggest Toronto Mayor Rob Ford may have offered $5,000 and a car to suspected drug dealers in exchange for a tape that appears to show him smoking crack. “Kazakhstan invention to help find life on Mars” - A distillation unit invented in Kazakhstan will be used by the expeditions search for life on Mars,says Boris Pilat, one of the authors of the project. “Imprisoned Kazakh human rights lawyer Vadim Kuramshin to receive prestigious prize” - Today, 5 December 2013, the Kazakh human rights lawyer Vadim Kuramshin, will be awarded the prestigious 18th annual Ludovic-Trarieux human rights prize. The first was awarded to Nelson Mandela in 1985. “Russia Hopes Its YotaPhone Worries Apple” - The space race may be over but Russia hopes the smartphone race has just begun.

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