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Nazarbayev calls Kazakhstan to learn English

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President Nursultan Nazarbayev has called Kazakhstan citizens to learn three languages - Kazakh, Russian and English, Tengrinews reports. 

"Knowledge of three languages should become a standard practice for us. We are teaching (these languages to) our children starting from their first year at school," he said.

Nazarbayev emphasized that all the Kazakhstan citizens should strive to know their national language. “Lifting of one nation through humiliation of other nation is unacceptable. That is why I am talking about trilingualism," he said. 

"Kazakhstan has to know its official language – the Kazakh language. The Russian language is the language of our big neighbor and one of the six UN languages. This language enabled us to access the great literature, the great culture. That is why we should not forget it, or put it aside, every language is wealth for a person,” the President said. 

"We need the English language to enter the global arena. Out of 10 million books published in the world 85% are in English. The science, all the new developments and information - they are all in English nowadays,” said the President.

He added that there were 3500 foreign companies in Kazakhstan and the local citizens needed English to communicate with them and use the equipment they bring into the country. 

December 2 2013, 14:56

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