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“Do The Velvets beat The Beatles?”, “The 10 most beautiful cinemas in the world”, “How can employees reduce stress at work?”, “Screen stars join France's battle to 'save' prostitution”, “Zaha Hadid's stadiums: 'Too big, too much like a vagina”

924 просмотрs Do The Velvets beat The Beatles?- When Lou Reed died a few weeks ago at the age of 71, I wrote an obituary asserting that Reed and his band The Velvet Underground influenced rock’s future as much or more than any ‘60s band, including The Beatles.

“The 10 most beautiful cinemas in the world”- Rising out of the sand dunes just 100m (328ft) from the Pacific, the Avoca Beach Picture Theatre in a suburb of Australia’s Central Coast, near Sydney, looks like a surf shack or beach bar. 

“How can employees reduce stress at work?”- Feeling stressed out at work? Having trouble concentrating? You’re not alone. Sixty-two percent of North American employees report high levels of stress with extreme fatigue and feeling out of control, according to a recent survey from Chicago-based, global employee assistance program provider ComPsych. In Europe, 51% of workers feel that work-related stress is common in their workplaces, according to a 2013 European Agency for Safety and Health at Work poll conducted in 31 countries. “China Sends Warplanes Into Air Defense Zone” - China said it sent warplanes into its newly declared maritime air defense zone days after the U.S., South Korea and Japan all sent flights through the airspace in broadening defiance of rules Beijing says it has imposed over the East China Sea. “Screen stars join France's battle to 'save' prostitution” - An anti-prostitution law to be debated in France's parliament has sparked a public slanging match between the country's artists and intellectuals. “Thai protesters break into Bangkok army headquarters” - Demonstrators storm compound in latest bid to force out government of Yingluck Shinawatra.

“Zaha Hadid's sport stadiums: 'Too big, too expensive, too much like a vagina” - London-based Iraqi architect under fire as pressure mounts for designs in Qatar and Japan to be scaled back.

“Ukraine's president fails to rescue pact for closer EU ties” - EU diplomat says agreement remains on table but is unlikely to be signed in the next year.

November 29 2013, 15:06

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