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Nearly 30 people hospitalized, 2 dead after poisoning in Zhanaozen

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Over 28 employees of “KezBi” LLP service company were hospitalized with poisoning in the city of Zhanaozen, Mangistau Oblast. Two of them died, reports on Friday citing Anuar Chuzhegulov, Mangistau Oblast deputy governor.

According to the newspaper, the first patient sought medical help in the central Zhanaozen city hospital on November 24. He died on the next day. Then, on November 27, 9 more employees of KezBi LLP came to seek medical help. One of them died on the same day.

“Today, on November 28, 18 more employees were hospitalized. According to preliminary data, the cause of death - poisoning with unknown substance. All 26 workers now are under medical attention in toxicological unit of the regional hospital. Their condition is estimated as satisfactory. 19 people are in Mangistau oblast hospital and 7 people - in Zhanaozen city hospital. 18 employees have a light degree of poisoning, and one person has an average degree of poisoning. After all required medical treatments, we expect that they all will be released to go home by the end of day,”-  said Chuzhegulov at the press conference.

He informed that on November 27 a criminal case has been initiated against ‘KezBi” LLP management as per part 2 of article 267 of the RoK Criminal Code for violation of sanitary and epidemiologic rules that led to mass poisoning and even the death of 2 people.

“We are taking all necessary investigative actions and assigned all required examinations. Emergency situations department of Mangistau Oblast jointly with the representatives of ‘Ozenmunaygaz” company, and “KezBi” LLP are examining the gas-air environment around the wells  No. 3 and No. 5 where the poisoned employees worked".  

The results of examination show no presence of toxic emissions and everything is within the norms. As per governor’s order, right after the incident the working commission under the leadership of Zhanaozen city deputy governor has been established. The commission includes the employees of law-enforcement bodies, reps of local executive bodies and other authorized reps”, said Chuzhegulov.

According to Almabek Bisen, the head of health care department of Mangistau Oblast, the diagnosis of victims have not been identified yet. The preliminary diagnosis is: “poisoning of unclear etymology”.

'KezBi" LLP is a service company involved in explorqation and drilling, overhauling of oil and gas wells. It focuses on onshore exploration drilling and production of oil and gas wells.

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