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Salaries of local and foreign oil industry workers to become equal in Kazakhstan

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Abelgazi KusainovAbelgazi KusainovThe salaries of Kazakh citizens and foreigners in the oil sector will be equalized within two years, chairman of the Kazakh Federation of Trade Unions, Abelgazi Kusainov said on Nov. 26, reports.

He made the remarks during the signing of an agreement between the country's Ministry of Oil and Gas, Kazenergy and the trade union of oil and gas workers.

According to Kusainov, today's agenda includes equalizing the salaries of Kazakh and foreign workers. These issues will be solved within two years.

"This year the Prosecutor General's Office substantially dealt with this issue; there are companies which settled such issues, because law allows for them to be settled. There are some issues that will be included in the legislation. I must say that the groups, that have such issues, are working on their settlement. I believe that soon, in one or two years, these issues must be resolved," the federation's head said.

Kusainov also explained the essence of the agreement.

"This agreement resolves many issues. Among them is the use of an oil and gas industry coefficient worth 1.8, wages, a safe workplace, working time not exceeding 40 hours per week, but otherwise the surcharge of extra work," Kusainov said.

The agreement will enter into force on January 2014, and expire in 2016.

November 27 2013, 11:08

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