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Apartment fraudster convicted

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City Housing Department employee Askar DYUSEMBIEV was sentenced to 3 years for fraud on a large scale.

According to the media service of Atyrau Oblast Financial Police, Dyusembiev, being a chief specialist of the energy sector in Atyrau city department for housing, communal services, passenger transport and highways, through deceit and abuse of trust of several citizens under the pretext of assisting in the provision of housing under the state program, seized their cash in the total amount of 4.2 million tenge.

"Given the evidence against Dyusembiev, five criminal cases were filed and directed to the court. As per the sentence of the Atyrau Court No.2 Dyusembiev was convicted under Art. 177 Part 3, paragraph "b, d" (Fraud) of the Criminal Code and sentenced to 3 years imprisonment and confiscation of property " said in a press release.

By Saule Tasbulatova

October 17 2012, 09:43

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