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“Afghanistan Considers Reviving Public Stoning for Adultery”, "Campus Crusade for Christ Blamed for Death of American in KZ”, “Climate change will cause 'serious economic losses' in Pacific”

1 014 просмотрs “Afghanistan Considers Reviving Public Stoning for Adultery” - The government is drafting a new penal code that reintroduces public stoning as a punishment. Afghanistan’s Justice Ministry is in the process of drafting a new penal code that includes proposals for public stoning as a punishment for committing adultery, according to Human Rights Watch. Climate change will cause 'serious economic losses' in Pacific-  ADB -  The Pacific region faces serious economic losses due to climate change and it is critical that nations causing the problem step in to help, AFP reports according to the Asian Development Bank. A new report by the bank released in Sydney, "Economics of Climate Change in the Pacific", showed that losses would range between 2.9 percent and 15.2 percent of annual gross domestic product by 2100. “Uzbekistan Keen to Expand Railway Cooperation with Iran” - Uzbekistan Railway Company chief Achilbay Ramatov said Tashkent is eager to see growth in railway cooperation with Tehran in a bid to link the Central Asian country to the Persian Gulf waters. “Uzbekistan’s railway workers have until today built 106 kilometers of the railway in Afghanistan and they are planning to continue the railway up to Iran with the outlook to gain access to the Persian Gulf waters,” Ramatov said. "Campus Crusade for Christ Blamed for Death of American in KZ” - A young evangelist was murdered on a mission to Kazakhstan, in which his team had to "speak in code" and "pose" as having other jobs, and the Campus Crusade for Christ failed to warn him of the legal and actual dangers of the work, his parents claim in court. Travis Eiler was killed in a hotel room in Kazakhstan in December 2011. He was suffocated with a plastic bag. “Swaziland: Swazi Gift From Human Rights Abusers” - Swaziland has received an E1 million (US$ 100,000) gift from Kazakhstan, a country with one of the worst human rights records in the world. As in Swaziland, the Kazakhstan government sets security forces to attack its own citizens.

November 26 2013, 09:52

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