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Witness in Zhanaozen Riots Case Murdered

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A witness in the case related to mass riots in western Kazakh town of Zhanaozen, Alexander Bozhko, who announced in the court that he has bad-mouthedthe defendants under pressure, has been murdered,- reported Galym Ageleuov, the chairman of Kazakhstan's Liberty non-government organization.

Today I was informed by the people of Zhanaozen that one of the main witnesses of Zhanozen case, who announced at the court that was tortured. He acted as the witness of the accusation, but in the court he announced that this was slander and he testified under pressure, - said Ageleuov at the press-conference on Monday.

Ageleuov has not provides any details of Bozhko’s killing.

Ageleuov also said that all the materials concerning the tortures of the witnesses have been published in the social network and will be forwarded to the Prosecutor General’s Office.

“Now we need to carefully see the evidences of torturing the witnesses, all materials have been collected and published in Facebook and also will forwarded to the Prosecutor General’s Office,- noted Ageleuov.

Besides, the opposition will seek for review of court judgments in the case of mass riots in Zhanaozen.

To recall, on 4 June 16 were sentenced to jail terms between three and seven years for inciting Zhanaozen violence. 16 people were shot dead by the police during the unrest in December


WKT citing

October 15 2012, 17:56

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