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“The sour gas eating Kashagan oil profits”, “Blair’s £8m Kazakh deal ends”, “Mass Media Plays Vital Role In Inter-Ethnic Relations”,“Russia to set up joint air defenses with Armenia and Kazakhstan”

1 090 просмотрs “The sour gas eating Kashagan oil profits” - A pipeline inspection robot is set to join efforts to discover why the biggest new oilfield in decades is crippled and whether materials, construction methods, a design fault or all three are at the root of the problem. “Sale of Kazakh bank BTA to Halyk falls through”  - An attempt by the Kazakh government to sell BTA Bank to Halyk Bank has fallen through. With no other suitors for the troubled bank in sight, the state says it will now look for strategic investors. “Blair’s £8m Kazakh deal ends” - TONY BLAIR’S £8m-a-year deal advising the autocratic regime of Kazakhstan has ended amid accusations that human rights and political freedom have deteriorated. “Mass Media Plays Vital Role In Inter-Ethnic Relations” - Over two days, the 500 participants mainly the local Kazakh journalists and foreign mass media, deputies of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan and members of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan discussed new and traditional approaches of mass media coverage relating to inter-ethnic issues. “Russia to set up joint air defenses with Armenia and Kazakhstan” - Russia is planning to strengthen its integrated regional air defense network with Belarus and set up similar joint networks with Armenia and Kazakhstan, said President Vladimir Putin. “ATF Bank in Kazakhstan launches new differentiated contactless EMV offer with Gemalto's transparent card range” - Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, has been chosen by ATF Bank to supply an eye-catching and innovative contactless EMV card. Utilizing Gemalto's ability to design its Optelio range of banking cards with a transparent card body, this new range will provide ATF Bank with a highly differentiated customer offer in the fast-growing market for contactless payments in Kazakhstan. "Kazakh artist depicts horse power in full force" - In the lounge of the luxurious Italian restaurant in Dubai’s Armani Hotel, inside the Burj Khalifa, a seven-day exhibition marks the Middle East debut for one of Kazakhstan’s most popular living artists. Nurlan Bazhirov is largely unknown outside of his native Central Asia, but inside he is gaining popularity, with his paintings hanging in the interior of the Ak Orda Presidential Palace in Astana, Kazakhstan, as well as the residence of Vladimir Putin in Russia. “India’s energy worries spark fears of China” - Recently when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Kazakhstan, the Kazakh government agreed to give China 8.4 percent stake in its giant Kashagan oil project. The two thus signed a new energy cooperation agreement. The routine energy cooperation between the two, however, triggered intense attention from the Indian media.



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