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“Malala Receives EU's Sakharov Prize In Strasbourg”, “Georgia Probes Forced Disappearances”, “A real test: Astana Arlans vs Russian Boxing Team”, “Kazakhstan hoping to enter WTO in 2014”, “Samruk-Kazyna Won’t Buy Pension Funds as Halyk Rejects BTA Deal”

911 просмотрs “Malala Receives EU's Sakharov Prize In Strasbourg” - Pakistani education activist Malala Yousafzai has received the 2013 Sakharov Prize at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. 

“Georgia Probes Forced Disappearances” - Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili says a probe is under way into suspected cases of forced disappearances. Talking to lawmakers ahead of a vote of confidence in the new government on November 20, Garibashvili, who is also the country's acting interior minister, said that his government believed several hundred people were victims of forced disappearances under Georgia's previous authorities. “A real test: Astana Arlans vs Russian Boxing Team” - In the 4th season of the WSB, the Astana Arlans have released their homegrown talent to challenge the veterans. The match between the Astana Arlans, WSB Champions in 2013 and the “super-power-to-be” - the Russian Boxing Team - is taking place in St. Petersburg on November 23.

“Kazakhstan hoping to enter WTO in 2014”- Kazakhstan plans to enter the WTO in 2014, says Ms. Zhanar Aitzhanova, Minister for Economic Integration.“Samruk-Kazyna Won’t Buy Pension Funds as Halyk Rejects BTA Deal”- Kazakhstan’s sovereign wealth fund Samruk-Kazyna said it’s scrapping a planned acquisition of three pension funds controlled by commercial lenders after Halyk Bank halted talks on buying the government’s shares in BTA Bank. “Kazakhstan sends new ambassadors to Saudi Arabia, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Jamaica”- Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev has signed a decree appointing new ambassadors to a number of countries, the president’s press office says in a press release. Bakhyt Batyrshayev has been appointed ambassador to Saudi Arabia and permanent representative of Kazakhstan to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Konstantin Zhigalov will be ambassador in Canada, Cuba, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic at the same time.

November 20 2013, 18:51

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