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GAFFNEY: Betraying America to placate Russia. Is there such a thing as a Jewish film? Revolutionary Pragmatists. Former German footballer became Jihadist and was killed fighting for al-Qaeda in Syrian civil war

November 19 2013, 17:43

The Washington Times - GAFFNEY: Betraying America to placate Russia - Franklin Delano Roosevelt should have described Nov. 16, 1933, as a day that will live in infamy. As syndicated columnist Diana West notes in her splendid new book, “American Betrayal,” that date marked the beginning of a sustained and odious practice of our government lying to us about the Russians. It appears that the Obama administration is determined to perpetrate a reprise of this practice. Call it “American Betrayal 2.0.”

The Telegraph - We should be humbly thanking the super-rich, not bashing them - As well as creating jobs and giving to charity, the wealthy should be hailed as Tax Heroes

BBC - Is there such a thing as a Jewish film? - There is a strong tradition of Jewish filmmaking in Hollywood and now in Israel. But what does cinema reveal about this unique culture?

The Chritian Science Monitor - Is a deadly Russian plane crash a sign of a failing system? - Russia has made strides since 2011, when its skies were found to be the most dangerous in the world. But a deadly Tatarstan Airlines crash has some worried that all is still not well.

Foreign Affairs - Revolutionary Pragmatists - It is fair to assume that any deal between Iran and the United States to freeze Iran’s nuclear program will be greeted by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps with cries of “Death to America!” Hassan Rouhani was elected president earlier this year with a mandate to seek just such a deal. But he still has to reckon with the fact that Iran’s most powerful military force has traditionally been a bastion for ideological hard-liners uninterested in building closer relations with the United States.

The Diplomat - Is China and Taiwan’s Diplomatic Truce Over? - Last week The Gambia decided to cut ties with Taiwan. The implications could be significant.

The Daily Mail - Former German footballer became Jihadist and was killed fighting for al-Qaeda in Syrian civil war - Burak Karan played alongside famous names such as Sami Khedira, Kevin-Prince Boateng and Dennis Aogo.


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