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Kazakhstan makes changes to over 50 laws to join WTO

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Changes were made to over 50 laws of Kazakhstan for the country's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), Kazakh Minister of Economic Integration, Zhanar Aitzhanova said on Nov. 18.

"Changes have been made to over 50 laws of Kazakhstan since 2004 by the republic's government jointly with the parliament in order to facilitate the procedures for conducting business, as well as to improve the overall investment climate in Kazakhstan," the minister said, speaking on Monday at a government hour in the Majilis (lower chamber) of the Kazakh parliament.

In addition, she said, the work was carried out to change the 10 agreements adopted within the framework of the Customs Union, which affect the scope of foreign trade.

Aitzhanova in her speech recalled that the WTO is first of all a set of rules governing trade in goods and services. These rules are now used by 159 WTO member countries, including the largest economies of the world.

"All the changes in legislation in the areas of customs administration, tax policy are designed to make this area more transparent and simplified for business," the minister said.

In particular, she added, as a result of the above mentioned terms of license issue for import of goods has reduced from 30 to 15 days. The requirement for state licensing of medicinal products and pharmaceutical substances import was removed in 2011. Kazakhstan also abolished import licensing for ethyl alcohol and alcoholic beverages in 2012.


November 19 2013, 09:39

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