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No sex for 23 years not cause for divorce. China's One-Child Policy Has Had Some Surprising Consequences for Kids. 2014 is not 1914, but Europe is getting increasingly angry and nationalist

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Korea Times - No sex for 23 years not cause for divorce - “The husband was nearly 50 when the couple stopped having a normal sex life and it must be considered that he was suffering from prostate cancer,” the judge said.

The Guardian - 2014 is not 1914, but Europe is getting increasingly angry and nationalist - Now the German elections are over, Germany and France will launch a great initiative to save the European project. Marking the centennial of 1914, this will contrast favourably with the weak and confused leadership under which Europe stumbled into the first world war. Before next May's elections to the European parliament, the Franco-German couple's decisive action and inspiring oratory will drive back the anti-EU parties that are gaining ground in so many European countries.

Alternet - Should Atheists Be Happy About Pope Francis? - The Pope's progressive economic message may signal real change.

Foreign Policy - Why Poland's Right-Wing Thugs Keep Burning Rainbows - On Nov. 11 1918,  the end of World War I, Poland regained its place on the map of Europe, after having been wiped off for 123 years. Now, on Poland's Independence Day, the capital's sky gives off a red glow and its streets are enveloped in smoke. That's not because there's been an elaborate fireworks show. It's from the bright flares held by violent nationalist protesters. This November, young men in balaclavas set fire to two significant elements of the Warsaw landscape: a huge rainbow in the city center, seen by many as a symbol of tolerance and openness -- or gay rights -- and the guard post at the Russian embassy, reflecting age-old tensions between the two countries.

The Atlantic - Do Folktales Evolve Like Biological Species? - What Little Red Riding Hood teaches us about the spread of folklore around the world.

New Republic - China's One-Child Policy Has Had Some Surprising Consequences for Kids - The Chinese government announced today its plans to relax the controversial one-child policy: Under the new law, couples in which either member is an only child will be permitted to have two children. Introduced in 1979, the one-child policy has successfully reined in population growth but has created a host of other problems, from an aging population to an epidemic of risky sex-selective abortions and female infanticide perpetrated by families holding out for a boy.

The New York Times - Give Snowden Asylum in Germany - All of our current knowledge about this surveillance is thanks to one man, Edward J. Snowden. Without him, Ms. Merkel would still be a target for monitoring, and surveillance of German diplomats, businessmen and ordinary citizens would be continuing, undetected.

Time - Today’s Air Force: American Warplanes or Kyrgyz Textbooks? - On Thursday, the Kyrgyz government formally notified U.S. Ambassador Pamela Spratlen that the U.S. must vacate the premises by July 11, 2014.

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