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Nazarbayev authorizes Kazakhstan's extradition treaty with Italy

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Nazarbayev has signed a decree authorizing Prosecutor General to sign an extradition treaty with Italy on Kazakhstan's behalf, Tengrinews reports referring to the press office of the President.

“Kazakhstan Prosecutor General Askhat Daulbayev is herewith authorized to sign the extradition treaty with Italy on behalf of Kazakhstan, with the right to make changes and additions that don't change the nature of the agreement,” says the decree.

The decree came in effect on the day of signing, November 11.

The treaty that Mr. Daulbayev is going to sign with Italy is the agreement on extradition of fugitive criminals, not only convicts, but also those wanted for criminal persecution.

The draft treaty reads: "In accordance with the terms of the Treaty, the Parties hereto undertake to extradite any individual who is present in their territory and is wanted by the Party Requesting the Extradition for criminal prosecution or for enforcing a final court decision involving a prison term."

“In accordance with the conditions of the present treaty, each party shall be obliged to extradite any individual who is present in their territory and is wanted by the requesting country for criminal prosecution. The individual will face pretrial detention or a final court decision followed by imprisonment. ”

According to the draft agreement, "the crimes punishable by the legislations of both Parties with a prison term of at least one year are considered to be the crimes invoking the extradition."

Earlier this month Kazakhstan and Italy signed an agreement on extradition of convicted criminals.

November 18 2013, 09:35

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