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Son Pascal - Ainalain

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Son Pascal, the Italian singer, who is popular in Kazakhstan for his songs in Kazakh (Englishman in Shymkent, You Should Speak Kazakh, Kozymnyn Karasy and Zhanym Sol), has released a new music video Ainalain. He sings the new composition with a legendary Italian singer Al Bano (Felicita song author).

According to the young artist, the maitre offered him cooperation after he saw Pascalistanshow on Italian TV. The show tells about the culture and traditions in Kazakhstan, also it is about difficulties Pascal faced while living in the country. 

"I think, that the Kazakh culture should be presented to the world. Songs in Kazakh can become great hits and I'm going to do everything for that. I have good teachers like Roza Rymbayeva, Kairat Nurtas and Dos Mukasan band," said the singer to Express-K newspaper.

November 15 2013, 14:26

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