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Daughter of Jack Nicholson to star in Akan Satayev's film

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Akan Satayev, a film director from Kazakhstan who is currently working on his new project called Hacker, has chosen actors for the lead roles in his film. The role of Alex Danilyuk, a cyber frauds expert whose parents immigrated when he was a child, will be played by young Australian actor Callan McAuliffe, and the role of his girlfriend Kira Whittal has been given to American actress Lorraine Nicolson, daughter of the famous American actor Jack Nicolson, Kinopravda reports.

Lorraine Nicolson, 23, can be seen in the film Click with Adam Sandler. 18-y.o. McAuliffe is famous for his role in I Am Number Four, he also appeared as a young Gatsby in The Great Gatsby.

Laray Mayfield (Fight Club, The Social Network) is the casting director of Akan Satayev's Hacker.

The dramatic thriller Hacker will be first foreign project of Akan Satayev. The script was written by Timur Zhaksylykov and a young cinematographer Sanzhar Sultanov (Burning Daylight) and based on a true story of a hacker who was making money on a credit card fraud. The shooting of the film is scheduled to start in late November in Toronto, then it will be continued in New York, Dubai and Bangkok.

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November 14 2013, 13:54

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