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“In Kazakhstan, New Networking Site Groups Users By Tribe”, “US Embassy to finance Kazakhstan-based NGOs' anti-drug activity”, “In Almaty a man dies under wheels of his own car”, “Two Kazakh Police Officers Sentenced For Torture”

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interfax-kz. “US Embassy to finance Kazakhstan-based NGOs' anti-drug activity” - The U.S. Embassy to Kazakhstan will award small grants to NGOs for specific projects that promote the prevention of drug abuse. The Embassy is implementing this program for a third time and planning to finance around 10 NGOs with the program initial budget starting from $70,000. Many local organizations call us expressing a great interest in the program and they have yet time to apply, Program Manager for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) of the US Embassy Saule Tuleussarinova has told Interfax-Kazakhstan. “Apple and Samsung back in court over patent damages” - Apple and Samsung are returning to court in one of the most high-profile patent battles of recent times. In August 2012, a jury found Samsung guilty of infringing six Apple patents and awarded one of the largest payouts of its kind on record. “In Almaty a man dies under wheels of his own car” - In Almaty a 32 -year-old man was driven over by his private car, the press service of the Internal Affairs of the city informs. This accident happened at the corner of Mukanov and Kazybek bi streets. The driver of "Honda Shuttle" automobile parked it along the roadway, but he did not take measures to prevent unintentional movement of the vehicle. As a result, the vehicle began to roll down the street in a northerly direction, ran over to the driver, who at that moment was in front of the car. “In Kazakhstan, New Networking Site Groups Users By Tribe” - When Kazakhs meet for the first time, two key questions are all it takes to figure each other out: What part of the country are they from? And what horde and tribe are they? The answers immediately establish a person's roots, history, and allegiances - a holdover of ancient tribal divisions that remain relevant in modern-day Kazakhstan. “Two Kazakh Police Officers Sentenced For Torture” - Two police officers in Kazakhstan's northern Aqmola region have been sentenced to three years in jail for torture. On November 8, a court in the region's Astrakhan district found the officers guilty of torturing a farmer to confess to cattle stealing. "China's Changing Oil Calculus” - Last month, China and Russia announced an $85 billion equity deal to jointly develop Russia’s east Siberian oil resources for export to China in an unprecedented agreement between the two countries.

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