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BISOL to Install 2 MW Solar Plant in Kazakhstan

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BISOL Group will install a 2 megawatt turnkey solar power plant in Kazakhstan, BISOL press service reports. The company has signed a contract with the investor Samruk-Energo to construct and install a ground mounted and sun-tracking PV system in the city of Kapchagay in Almaty Province.

As one of the leading European based manufacturers of premium quality PV modules and other solar solutions BISOL Group is also active in the field of engineering, procurement and construction of whole PV plants hence it signed a contract to build a 2 MW power plant in Kazakhstan. The investor Samruk-Energo is a modern multi-business whose key focus areas include the production, distribution and sales of electricity and heat, as well as coal mining. They have chosen BISOL Group as the provider on the basis of its extensive international experience in implementing various solar power projects, which are supported by the production of their own high quality solar products. When completed, the operator and owner of the solar power plant will be Samruk-Green Energy, a subsidiary company of Samruk Energo.

The BISOL photovoltaic system in Kapchagay will be divided into two parts: the main-eastern part will comprise of 1400 kilowatts of BISOL monocrystalline PV modules mounted on a fixed ground substructure; the north-west part of the solar power plant will consist of 61 solar trackers with 600 kilowatts of BISOL monocrystalline PV modules. The project is due to be completed within three months of signing the contract.


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