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Nazarbayev invites major Turkish investors to Kazakhstan

October 13 2012, 14:42

During the Istanbul Kazakh-Turkish business forum President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev invited major Turkish investors in Kazakhstan.

The President recalled that in 2010, Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus established the Customs Union with a market of 170 million people. This alliance, he said, is one of the favorable conditions for the Turkish investors to come to Kazakhstan.

"If you cross the border of Russia, you will have a lot of obstacles. And if you open the production in Kazakhstan, you can export to Russia and Belarus without any obstacles. I want to draw your attention to the matter. The three states have completely eliminated customs barriers, transportation has become free," said the Head of State.

According to the President, now, thanks to the Customs Union investment and trade in the three countries is growing annually by 40 percent. This is, in general, is about USD 1.5 trillion gross domestic product.

"In 2011, imports of Turkish goods to Kazakhstan increased compared with 2009 by 30 percent. It should be noted that this figure is also achieved due to the Customs Union. Thus, we have created the most favorable conditions for the establishment of production in Kazakhstan, for investment," said the President.


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