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“Speaking two languages may delay dementia: study”, "Lady Gaga to sing in space?", “Chinese labor camp inmate tells of true horror of Halloween 'SOS', "Tests 'support' that Yasser Arafat poisoned by polonium",

945 просмотрs “Speaking two languages may delay dementia: study” - People who speak two languages may be able to ward off dementia for years, regardless of whether they have the ability to read or not, according to a study Wednesday. The study in the U.S. journal Neurology is the first of its kind to show that the protective effects of bilingualism can extend to people who are illiterate. “Chinese labor camp inmate tells of true horror of Halloween 'SOS'- Tree leaves were turning yellow and red in Damascus, Oregon, in late October. Competing with fall foliage for attention were Halloween decorations, which adorned almost every house in this sleepy middle-class suburb of Portland on America's Pacific West Coast. A few pumpkins sat on the steps leading to Julie Keith's house, while three fake tombstones greeted visitors in the front porch -- as they did last year. "I am sad for the people who have to endure torture to make these silly decorations.

"Tests 'support' that Yasser Arafat poisoned by polonium" - Swiss scientists say levels of polonium-210 measured in the personal effects and body tissues of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat "moderately" support a proposition that he died of polonium poisoning.

The findings released by the University Center of Legal Medicine of Lausanne -- first reported Wednesday by Al Jazeera -- do not address how Arafat, who died in 2004 at age 75, might have been poisoned or who might have done it.

"Lady Gaga to sing in space?" - Lady Gaga's reach may soon become truly universal. The pop superstar has been teasing the possibility that she'll perform live from space on her Twitter account, urging her Little Monsters to "find out if the rumors are true" on November 10 at a live launch event for her album "ARTPOP." The chatter originated with a November 6 Us Weekly report that Gaga is set to be the first artist to sing in outer space in early 2015, courtesy of Virgin Galactic. "Kazakhstan fined for multiple doping cases" - The International Weightlifting Federation has fined Kazakhstan $500,000 after nine lifters were found to have committed doping offenses. The IWF says no Kazakh weightlifters can compete until the fine is paid. The IWF gave a deadline of six months, and warned that if the fine isn't paid, the federation will be suspended for four years. Nazi art hoard: Allies 'returned some items' to owner” - Some of the works of Nazi-looted art presented in Munich on Tuesday were confiscated by the Allies after World War Two, and later returned to an art dealer, say German media reports. "EU countries resist extradition of fugitive Kazakhstan tycoons" - Some of the EU countries are resisting extradition of fugitive Kazakhstan tycoons. “Kazakhstan has already sent 3 inquires to the European Commission. However, we haven’t got a positive reply on any of our inquiries. We’ve been working on this issue along with the Ministry of Justice since 1991. They (EC) are not letting us in, and always saying that we have a weak legal system in one area or another. This is a system of double standards. They, in fact, are sheltering criminals.

November 7 2013, 13:30

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