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Kazakh PM reprimands several vice-ministers

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Kazakh Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov at a government meeting on Tuesday reprimanded three vice ministers for unimplemented budget, reported.

"For unimplemented budget I reprimand Vice Health Minister Bolat Takezhanov, Agriculture Minister Marat Tolybayev, and Finance Vice Minister Ardak Tengebaev. A number of committee's and other institution's chairmen are also punished. I order the heads of Pavlodar, Zhambyl regions to reprimand their deputies for finances and budget implementation issues," Akhmetov said.

The Prime Minister also reprimanded Deputy Minister of Culture and Information Arman Kyrykbayev for poor quality of media coverage of government bodies' activity.

"The head of the state is unsatisfied with the media coverage of work of government institutions and the government. The Culture Ministry should work harder, they do not work on these issues," Akhmetov said.

Serik Akhmetov also reprimanded Deputy Minister of Industry and New Technologies Albert Rau for shortcomings in the implementation of the state program on forced industrial- innovative development.

"Every six months we launch projects and six months after their launch they stop. Ministers, regional heads should take measures to insure stable operation of all projects," Akhmetov said
Meanwhile, Education and Science Minister Aslan Sarinzhipov said that his deputy would be retired.

November 5 2013, 11:19

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