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Hysterical losing

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During 5 years Tengizinterneftegasstroi LLP (TINGS) is trying to get back through the courts 30% of its shares that it owns on legal bases in the registered share capital of the foreign company - Caspian Sulphur Company LLP (CSC).

To evade it, the foreign company is using all methods it can: from illegal and forced buy-out of our share up to double resale of 100% of shares to other foreign companies. Their representatives, losing court cases, misinform some of the mass media by regularly publishing anti-TINGS planted articles. Due to this we were compelled to explain the situation to the public in a trendy article called “Throwing dirt from overseas to avoid KZ laws?”

And last week, having once again lost in a judicial dispute, the representative of the Cooperative of Apartment Owners - the citizen of Atyrau, tried to put moral pressure on God knows who, by organizing a single picket in front of Atyrau regional court and inviting journalist friends from a few TV channels. 

Despite the court decisions made in favor of TINGS, CSC still continues its policy of malicious evasion from execution of court rulings. Our opponent representatives bring forward contradicting arguments in order to protect themselves.  For example, their company allegedly can't make changes into the charter about 30% shares belonging to TINGS, just because their charter founder works and lives overseas. But at the same time these CSC representatives at all pre-starting court sessions openly declare that their director Elias HASKA is capable to remotely operate the company from Canada (in an online mode).  

All this vividly testifies that the only motive for various actions like the last picket, which was aimed at disorienting the public, is not the desire to prove the case, but commonly to break the law in order to please foreign owners and to detriment the Kazakhstan partners.

By Saparbek Otarov,

Representative of Tengizinterneftegasstroi LLP

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November 4 2013, 15:06

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