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Kazakh Border Guard Accused Of Killing Comrades Attempts Suicide

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Vladislav Chelakh, the Kazakhstani border guard accused of killing 14 fellow guards and a forest ranger in May, has reportedly attempted to commit suicide in his cell. 

The military prosecutor's office said on October 12 Chelakh tried to hang himself one day earlier using a pair of sweat pants.

A statement from the prosecutor's office indicated the suicide attempt was quickly prevented and claimed Chelakh remained in good health.

Russia's Interfax news agency quoted Chelakh's lawyer, Tulegen Berlikozhanov, as saying he met with his client on October 12 and everything was fine with him.

Chelakh has alternately admitted to the killings and recanted, saying he confessed under duress.

His supporters have questioned how Chelakh, who was 19 at the time, was able to kill all the other guards at his post.

October 13 2012, 00:36

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