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"L'ingegnere italiano che piace al Kazakistan", “Central Asia To Develop Road And Rail Links To Boost Regional Trade”, “Petrol price increases in Kazakhstan”, ”Alleged Victims Press Police To Investigate Malta Resident”, “Kazakhstan culture comes to China

856 просмотрs “Central Asia To Develop Road And Rail Links To Boost Regional Trade” - The 10 members of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) program will develop key new road and rail routes linking Central Asia to China and South Asia between now and 2020 to realize the huge trade potential between the three regions. “Petrol price increases in Kazakhstan” - The increase in the marginal price on A- 92 petrol from 110 tenge to 115 tenge per liter is connected with increased values of quotations for Brent which hit $109.65 per barrel. ”Alleged Victims Press Police To Investigate Malta Resident” - On Wednesday, two men who allege they had been framed and tortured by Kazakhstani multi-millionaire and Malta resident Rakhat Aliyev will seek to raise awareness on their case by way of a public hearing. “Kazakhstan culture comes to China” - A Kazakhstan cultural exchange will be held in China in November, said the Kazakhstan Ambassador to China Nurlan Ermekbaev on Friday. The cultural activities, to start on Nov. 5, will be the largest cultural exchange between the two countries since they established diplomatic relations, said Ermekbaev, expressing his hopes for attracting more Chinese people to know about Kazakhstan culture.

La Republicca. "L'ingegnere italiano che piace al Kazakistan" - Ha lasciato l'Italia nel 1987 per studiare all'estero, e da allora non è mai più tornato: Toni Turi è un ingegnere con la passione per la musica che da 26 anni vive in Kazakistan. Il suo nuovo singolo, Amo Te, scritto in italiano ma con qualche contaminazione di kazako, sta scalando le classifiche.

October 29 2013, 16:11

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