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Agip KCO appoints new Managing Director

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Umberto Carrara will leave his post of Agip KCO Managing Director, NCOC press service informs.

“Umberto Carrara will leave his post of Agip KCO Managing Director from November 1, 2013  after more than 7 years of service at the Kashagan project. He will be replaced by Guido Brusco, who worked at the Kashagan project since September 2009 as the Production Operations Department Director”, - the statement reads.

Agip KCO N.V. is an Eni SpA subsidiary that performs operations under the North Caspian Sea Production Sharing Agreement dated as of 1997 under an agency agreement with North Caspian Operating Company B.V. Agip KCO N.V. is responsible for the execution of Phase I (Experimental Program) of Kashagan offshore oil field development including achieving first commercial production, complying with the strictest international standards for safety and environmental responsibility.

In addition, Agip KCO N.V. is responsible for the project execution for the onshore facilities of Phase II of the Kashagan development.

October 29 2013, 16:23

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