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“Kazakhstan improves position in energy sustainability index”, “Serbia buries Tito's widow, the last symbol of Yugoslavia”, “Greenpeace activists hit out at detention conditions”, 'Lost world' discovered in remote Australia",

1 228 просмотрs “Kazakhstan improves position in energy sustainability index” - Kazakhstan ranks 58th among 129 world countries in the index of energy sustainability, the World Energy Council's (WEC) report said. WEC index is assigned on the basis of comparative analysis of the energy situation in the country and is based on three factors: energy security, availability of electricity for population and ecological compatibility of the energy industry. A rating ranging from A to D is assigned to the countries depending on the success in each of these directions. Kazakhstan in the overall standings was rated ABD. Serbia buries Tito's widow, the last symbol of Yugoslavia - The widow of the former Yugoslav leader Tito will be buried in a Belgrade mausoleum on Saturday with full state honours as the last symbol of the communist federation that broke up in the 1990s, AFP reports. Jovanka Broz, who died of heart failure at the age of 88 on Sunday, will be buried next to her husband Josip Broz in the House of Flowers, where the communist strongman was laid to rest in 1980. “Greenpeace activists hit out at detention conditions” - Three of the Greenpeace activists held in Russia following a protest against Arctic drilling have given an insight into their detention conditions in comments published Sunday, with one complaining he was kept in isolation in a cold cell.

'Lost world' discovered in remote Australia" - An expedition to a remote part of northern Australia has uncovered three new vertebrate species isolated for millions of years, with scientists Monday calling the area a "lost world". Warning- Earlier this month, the investment bank Credit Suisse published its annual survey of global wealth. The bank's report is filled with illuminating findings, but one in particular caught my eye. It has to do with the distribution of assets in Russia, where, as the report notes, a mere 110 people own a mind-boggling 35 percent of the country's entire wealth. At the same time, 93.7 percent of Russians are worth $10,000 or less.“Napoleon Complex”- Which world leader is still willing to mobilize his military to stand up for freedom, democracy, and its national way? Hint: He is an unapologetic Socialist who rules over a country that, until recently, Americans said was populated by "cheese-eating surrender monkeys." Under President François Hollande, France has emerged as the most interventionist leader of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. Unpopular at home, he has reveled in foreign adventures, overseas. “Kazakhstan At Risk From Slowing Growth In Emerging Markets: IMF” - The Caucasus and Central Asia, which is one of the fastest-growing regions in the world and is driven primarily by the energy sector, could be weighed down by slowing growth in key trading partners such as Russia and China, the International Monetary Fund, or IMF, said in its latest assessment report on the region, released on Friday. “Sparks Fly at Customs Union Summit” - The presidents of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus sat down on October 24 in Minsk to grapple with the thorny problems facing their free trade zone – from trade barriers to confusion over Customs Union expansion. It was a tense meeting. “Express rail service to boost China-Europe trade” – A regular express train from Poland to southwest China's Sichuan Province is expected tobe inaugurated by the end of this monthauthorities with Sichuan's Chengdu City said on Thursday. The first one-way express rail service in the opposite direction - from Chengdu to Lodz incentral Poland, crossing Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus -- began running on April 24.

October 28 2013, 11:15

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