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Switzerland being filled with wealthy citizens of Kazakh origin. Police seize UK’s first 3D printed gun parts. Officials alert foreign services that Snowden has documents on their cooperation with U.S.

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PanArmenian - Switzerland being filled with wealthy citizens of Kazakh origin - In recent years, Switzerland has been actively filled by very wealthy citizens, originally from Kazakhstan. Many of them have chosen this country as a place for their permanent location, not only for the love of the nature beauty, but because of the neutrality of the state. Most of them choose Switzerland as a second home in a means of escape from prosecution in his homeland.

The West Australian - Cattle suffocate on flight to Kazakhstan - Almost 50 prized stud cattle flown to Kazakhstan by a WA exporter are thought to have suffocated late last month because of a suspected fault in the aircraft's air-conditioning system.

Newsweek - Napoleon Complex - Which world leader is still willing to mobilize his military to stand up for freedom, democracy, and its national way? Hint: He is an unapologetic Socialist who rules over a country that, until recently, Americans said was populated by "cheese-eating surrender monkeys."

The Huffington Post - Why We're Launching Femen in the UK - Femen is a group of aggressive resistance against oppressive institutions such as the sex industry, dictatorship and religion. They give us no peace and we should not give them any. As they are occupying the world with their oppressive traditions, rules and demands, we are following them everywhere with our resistance and fight. Femen is in Ukraine, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Mexico, Tunisia. And we are coming to Britain.

The Independent - Police seize UK’s first 3D printed gun parts - A 3D printer which is believed to have been used by criminals to manufacture handguns has been discovered by anti-gang police in Manchester.

The Washington Post - Officials alert foreign services that Snowden has documents on their cooperation with U.S. - Snowden, U.S. officials said, took tens of thousands of documents, some of which contain sensitive material about collection programs against adversaries such as Iran, Russia and China. Some refer to operations that in some cases involve countries not publicly allied with the United States.

Bloomberg - Russia Rules Out Discussing Assad’s Fate at Peace Talks - President Bashar al-Assad’s fate shouldn’t be the focus of an international conference to end Syria’s civil war because his removal would undermine the chemical disarmament process, a senior Russian lawmaker said.

The National Interest - Imperial Life in the Merkel Republic - This past summer, U.S. President Barack Obama stood on the eastern side of the Brandenburg Gate to proclaim: “…I come here today, Berlin, to say that complacency is not the character of great nations.” Sitting on the stage behind President Obama when he delivered his most searing indictment in an otherwise innocuous speech, Merkel applauded politely. She has no doubt been privy to the subsequent chorus of agreement from the international community.

October 25 2013, 16:18

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