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Kazakhstan short of specialists for Expo-2017

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Kazakhstan suffers from deficit of specialists who could handle the Expo-2017 exhibition in Astana, believes Azamat Bilyalov, the director of new technologies at Astana Expo-2017 National Company.

"Even now, we have received almost 2,500 proposals from foreign manufacturers that offer us a large volume of innovational materials, innovational technologies both used now and newly developed. But if we bring all these technologies here, we have no one to maintain them," Mr Bilyalov said at the forum "Forming Regional Network of Green Growth Locations" on Thursday.

"The expo will begin June 10, 2017. If count, that's four years, which is more than enough, a year will go for designing, then we will have to very quickly build everything and find people to operate all of these. We haven't got any now," he said in a speech.

According to him, it is envisaged to create a center for servicing new buildings over the course of organization and construction of expo facilities.

"We are now in talks with IBM on a very important point - creation of SmartEXPO," he noted.


October 25 2013, 11:18

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