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An Italian Made Music Clip in Atyrau (+video)

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By Zeena Urynbassarova

We wrote about Toni Turi ("Neapolitan song ambassador in Atyrau"), an Italian engineer, who is continuing to conquer the Atyrau audience. This time he recorded his first music clip by performing a new song "Amo te" (I love you), which he composed together with the Italian musician and composer Augusto Amicucci, who currently lives in Almaty. The song contains the Kazakh text too.

This is what Toni says about his music clip:

- I never saw any music videos with images of Atyrau, so I decided to use the scenes of Atyrau in this clip. This is a real love story that happened in Atyrau and I hope people will like it. This music video is a very important milestone for me and who knows, maybe I pursue a new carrier in my life – singing career.

Toni Turi and Music Video Clip CrewToni Turi and Music Video Clip CrewToni also said that he is full of new ideas and currently writing new songs.

Arman Khairoullin, the photo studio director and the manager of the music video crew:

- We made this music video clip for Toni who wanted to present this new song at the  festival in Astrakhan, i.e. Toni is going to represent Atyrau at the music festivals in Russia. In our modern era, I think, this is normal. Also, the geography of this music clip will be wider than just Atyrau or Kazakhstani geography. The audience content of this music video will be wider than just Kazakhstan. His friends from Italy, as well as his friends from Madrid in Spain where he currently lives, will be able to watch it and learn about Kazakhstan and Atyrau.

Tony suggested to include the views of Atyrau into the music clip and told us about the love story. We included different scenes into the video where he rides a bike and sails a boat, looking for his girlfriend. In this video he shows respect to Kazakh girls admiring their beauty and wisdom and giving them flowers. At the end of the clip he finds his girl. That's the story.

We made this music clip very fast and didn’t have even time to have casting. As a whole, I am happy with this clip and think that it will be fun and entertainment for people to watch.


October 24 2013, 16:50

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