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We are guilty and we provide housing to family

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The representative of Petroleum Facilities Е&С Limited (PetrofacKazakhstanLimited) contacted our newspaper regarding the road accident, when through the fault of their employee, company off-road vehicle collided with TCO shuttle bus and as the result of that collision the bus crushed into the residential house (see “TCO bus crashes into house”).

– We read your article and we understand that we need to provide comments, - said Sounil Variar, company chief accountant, through the interpreter. – The matter is that our management is at the head office, which is located in Sharjah (UAE). I contacted the head of our safety department and this is what we would like to say with regards to assistance and compensation for the damage caused.

We understand that we are guilty here and we admit our guilt 100 %. Currently we are going to rent an apartment for the affected family. We already contacted them and today, October 18, we will have a meeting. We also prepared for them a fully furnished 4-roomed apartment in town.

Before we asked them, whether they wanted an apartment and they refused. But now they changed their mind. Today we are going to show the apartment and they can move in one or two days. This is a temporary solution of the problem.

Concerning compensation  for the damage - we contacted “Centras Insurance” company. It will take some time for them to conduct an expertise. The issue will be resolved after they evaluate the extent of the damage and everything will be resolved according to the procedure.

We want to assure you that the family will not be left without housing. It is difficult to say now, how long will it take the insurance company to do evaluation. But meanwhile we will be helping the family with everything they need. When we sort out the issue with the insurance company, then the issue will be closed.

We contacted Mansur Galiakberov, the director of Atyrau branch of “Centras Insurance”.

– We are now collecting documents from both, affected and guilty parties, as well as registering the road accident in our records. We notified our head office in Almaty. After we collect all documents from both participants of the road accident, as well as receive the court ruling about the guilty party, then we adopt the decision about payment of insurance compensation within 15 days.

Concerning the damage to the house – in case the court rules out that it was through the fault of our insurer, then payment for damage will fall under our responsibility, said M. Galiakberov.

October 18 2013, 18:22

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