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“Earnings' dispute lands Kazakhstan girl behind bars for prostitution”, “China-Central Asia trade accelerates”, “NGOs campaign for Russian woman held in Czech jail pending extradition”, “Snowden's father pleased with son's Moscow life”

1 412 просмотрs “Earnings' dispute lands Kazakhstan girl behind bars for prostitution” - A young woman from Kazakhstan has landed behind the bars over alleged flesh trade charges after she approached police to settle her financial dispute with a woman, a pimp, over her earnings and for overstaying in India. Kazakh national Akmatbekova Zhyldyz, living in India for the last one and a half years, was allegedly brought to Jalandhar by a woman named Kiran, running an illegal brothel from her home in Satnam Nagar area of Basti Danishmanda. “China-Central Asia trade accelerates”- Economic cooperation and trade between China and Central Asian countries, including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrghyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, has accelerated in recent years, latest data has showed. “NGOs campaign for Russian woman held in Czech jail pending extradition” - International and Czech NGOs are campaigning in support of Tatiana Paraskevich, a Russian citizen held in Czech custody pending extradition over large-scale fraud she allegedly committed in Kazakhstan. But her supporters tell a different story: she and her family have been intimated by Kazakh and Russian authorities to provide evidence against Kazakhstan’s opposition leader Mukhtar Ablyazov. “Chinese president meets speaker of Kazakh parliament”- President Xi Jinping said on Tuesday China and Kazakhstan should play a leading role in jointly building the newly-proposed Silk Road economic belt. "The building of a Silk Road economic belt is in the fundamental interests of China and Kazakhstan," Xi said during his meeting in Beijing with Nurlan Nigmatulin, speaker of the Kazakh Parliament's Lower House. “Snowden's father pleased with son's Moscow life”- Edward Snowden's father expressed satisfaction Wednesday with the way his son, the former National Security Agency contractor, has been treated since being granted asylum in August. Lon Snowden spoke to reporters at Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport as he prepared to return to the United States after a six-day visit, his first reunion with his son since April. “Immigrant Held in Killing of Russian Claims Self-Defense, Officials Say” - An Azerbaijani man arrested in the killing of a 25-year-old Russian man that set off an anti-immigrant rampage over the weekend in Moscow confessed to the crime, Russian officials said Wednesday, but he told investigators that he acted in self-defense after trying to intervene in an argument between the man and his girlfriend. “Russia and the U.S. unite: Former enemies sign agreement to work on nuclear weapons to tackle the danger of ASTEROIDS” - The two countries were once at loggerheads over the use of nuclear warheads, but now the U.S. and Russia have joined forces to develop the technology together - and the partnership could one day lead to weapons being used to destroy asteroids hurtling towards earth. 

October 17 2013, 14:29

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